Mutualists can only benefit from collaboration

OMMmeetAIM2017[versión española a continuación –  version française ci-dessous]

Madrid 13 May 2017 – AIM President Christian Zahn met today in Madrid with representatives of the “Organización de Entidades Mutuales de las Américas” (ODEMA) and of the “Union Africaine de la Mutualité” (UAM) including among others Mr Alfredo Sigliano and Mr Daniel Lopez Villalba, president and member of the board of ODEMA respectively and Abdelmoula Abdelmoumni, President of UAM. Continue reading “Mutualists can only benefit from collaboration”

Honorary President on social economy scandal in Netherlands

Geert Jan HamiltonA political scandal is currently taking place in The Netherlands, where the chairman of the conservative-liberal party VVD is being questioned about the sale of a cremation company, which was owned by a social economy enterprise. The sale asks, according to Geert Jan Hamilton, President of AIM in the period 1993-1999, for some very serious integrity questions for the players involved (board and directors), but also for members of boards and managers in the healthcare and health insurance sector. “People who have been assigned functions and power in these sectors should never lose sight of the power given to them in view of the social objectives of the institutions they serve”, says Mr Hamilton. The original article in Zorgvisie (in Dutch) can be found here. An English translation can be found here.