About AIM

AIM, the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies

AIM is the umbrella organisation of non-profit healthcare payers, health mutuals and health insurance funds in Europe and in the world. Through its 63 members from 28 countries, AIM provides health coverage to 240 million people in the world and around 200 million in Europe through compulsory and/or complementary health insurance and managing health and social facilities.

Objectives and Mission

AIM strives to defend the access to healthcare for all through solidarity-based and non-for profit healthcare coverage.
AIM’s mission is to provide a platform for members to exchange on common issues and to represent their interests and values in the European and international Institutions.


The AIM was founded in 1950 based on mutuals’ values which are:

  • Solidarity
  • Not-for-profit orientation
  • Universal Access to healthcare

Mutuals and health protection organisations believe that health is not a good like the others and that people should be at the centre of the healthcare system. These values are rooted in the origin of the mutualist movement in the 19th century where people chose to work together and create health funds for their own protection. Nowadays mutual societies in Europe and in the world fight to preserve these ideas.


Today AIM reaffirms the validity of its values in front of challenges such as ageing of the population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, rising healthcare expenditure and changes in lifestyles.

AIM members engage for:

  •  Cost-efficient and affordable health systems,
  •  Strengthened health mutual benefit societies,
    recognised as such for their value in social economy,
  •  Health protection for all without inequalities