General Assembly

The General Assembly is made out of all delegates of the full members, meeting once a year before 30 June.
Its mission is to confirm the members of the Board of Directors and controlling Finances (ratification of the Annual Accounts and adoption of the budget). The assembly also has the power to amend the constitution.

Board of Directors

It is made out of all full member delegates, meeting twice a year.
Its mission is to manage AIM by applying the decisions of the General Assembly and defines the AIM Strategy


The members of the new Presidium of AIM are elected for a period of three years.
The president and treasurer are elected by the members of the Board of Directors and the vice-presidents are elected by the members of the board from their region.
The Presidium implements the decisions of the Board and the General Assembly.

The current Presidium has been elected for the period 2014-2017, and has the following members:

zahnChristian ZAHN President (Vdek, Germany)




MatthiMatthiasas SAVIGNAC Vice-president (FNMF, France)





Loek CAUBO Vice-president (ZN, Netherlands)

Ana Photo_AIM_Vice-President_Ana_Maria_Silva_newMaria Marques Silva Vice-president (UMP, Portugal)





Elisa Celisaarolina TORRENEGRA Vice-president for Latin America (Gestarsalud, Colombia)




alaouiAbdelaziz ALAOUI Vice-president for Africa / Middle East (CMIM, Morocco)





LucLuc CARSAUW Treasurer (UNMS, Belgium)