AIM publishes position on Social Economy

StockSnap_S7F34BC8I7Time for a proper recognition of social enterprises in the EU!

26 April – AIM publishes its position on social economy. The paper lays out AIM members’ position on the key concepts of ‘social economy’ and explains why mutuals fit in this category and the importance of a clear definition of the concept. The document also outlines the specific policy needs of social economy enterprises with a focus on mutuals.
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AIM publishes declaration on EDCs

envi9 February – AIM publishes its declaration on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals demanding an appropriate set of criteria, but also calling on the Commission to raise public awareness on the issue and to come out with a series of evidence-based recommendation to populations and more particularly to vulnerable groups.

AIM Declaration on EDCs

Read AIM’s Editorial on the topic in Euractiv.

AIM organises Conference on Financial Regulation

bankretouchéeHow do mutuals in Europe and the world deal with financial regulation ?

All over the world, financial regulations raise the same challenges: the necessity to ensure a balance between the objectives of stability and security for organisations, and the risk to implement too restrictive rules. Mutuals are dealing with regulations which tend to be more and more convergent and complete and which force them to find new and innovative solutions. Gathering mutuals and other international stakeholders to discuss the issue and its implications for not-for-profit healthcare payers is key in helping to tackle the issue without losing our values of solidarity and democracy, and to safeguard the principle of universality when it comes to access to healthcare.

Conference Brochures:

conference solvency EN //conference solvencyFR // conference solvency DE // conference solvencyES

Detailed agendas:

EN Agenda Financial Regulation 25 November 2016 Paris FINAL // FR Agenda Financial Regulation 25 November 2016 Paris FINAL // DE Tagesordnung finanzielle Regulierung 25. November 2016 Paris FINAL

AIM and ESIP publish Open Letter on the Standardisation of Health and Social Services

international-organization-for-standardization-70615 September 2016 – The members of ESIP and AIM, social security organisations, mutuals and health insurance funds, are following with great concern increasing efforts at European level for standardisation in the field of health and social services. In particular, recent requests for standardisation in quality of care for elderly people and patient involvement in person-centered care, as well as deliberations on standardisation in the field of healthcare within a CEN working group, represent a fundamental interference with existing national rules and medical guidelines developed by the competent institutions. Read AIM-ESIP joint letter on standardisation.