AIM organises Conference on Financial Regulation

How do mutuals in Europe and the world deal with financial regulation ? All over the world, financial regulations raise the same challenges: the necessity to ensure a balance between the objectives of stability and security for organisations, and the risk to implement too restrictive rules. Mutuals are dealing with regulations which tend to be […] Read More »

AIM and ESIP publish Open Letter on the Standardisation of Health and Social Services

15 September 2016 – The members of ESIP and AIM, social security organisations, mutuals and health insurance funds, are following with great concern increasing efforts at European level for standardisation in the field of health and social services. In particular, recent requests for standardisation in quality of care for elderly people and patient involvement in […] Read More »

Belgian mutuals organise demonstration against TTIP

For many months, Belgian mutuals are mobilized to raise awareness on the dangers of TTIP and CETA for healthcare. Join the demonstration which will take place on 20 September (More information here). CAMPAIGN VIDÉOS: EN FR NL DE Read More »

AIM International Conference in Abidjan: Report Available (FR)

Abidjan5AIM organized earlier this year a very successful conference in Abidjan in Ivory Coast about how mutuals can contribute to increasing and improving healthcare coverage on the African continent. Read the detailed report on the conference, which you can find below. Photos of the event were published already earlier. They are still here to be […] Read More »

AIM has a new website

AIM will in the coming months work on a new website. After some technical problems we had to find quickly a new host. The current website is being improved. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding. This website contains for the time being less information than you were used to. Contact […] Read More »

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