Position Papers

AIM Position on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

AIM sends out a clear signal today about how important health promotion and disease prevention is. Chair of the AIM Working Group dealing with the topic, Mr Leo Blum says: “More prevention is key to the sustainability of our healthcare systems….  Read More »

Mutuals in Europe: Who they are, What they do and why they matter

AIM, together with AMICE (Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe), released a communication document based on a detailed study published by the European Commission entitled: Study on the current situation and prospects of mutuals in Europe. Read More »

Actes de la Conférence Abidjan 2016

Mars 2016 Considérant que plus de 90% de la population vivant dans des pays à faible revenu ne bénéficie d’aucun droit à une couverture de santé, Considérant qu’une couverture maladie appropriée est le prérequis pour tout développement social et économique et que l’accès à des soins de santé de qualité devrait être un droit fondamental, […] Read More »

Position paper on access to medicines

Innovation in pharmaceuticals should aim at maximising benefits for patients while contributing to the sustainability and universality of healthcare systems. That is what healthcare payers, united in ESIP and AIM say in a position paper published today. Read More »

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