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AIM Position on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

AIM sends out a clear signal today about how important health promotion and disease prevention is. Chair of the AIM Working Group dealing with the topic, Mr Leo Blum says: “More prevention is key to the sustainability of our healthcare systems….  Read More »

PRESS RELEASE: How do healthcare systems guarantee solidarity and accessibility?

Under this heading AIM, the international association of non-profit healthcare payers, will organize on Thursday morning 2 June a conference in The Hague, hosted by “Zorgverzekeraars Nederland”, the Dutch umbrella organisation of healthcare payers and member of AIM. Read More »

PRESS RELEASE - Time to strengthen the efforts in tackling fraud and waste!

The World Health Organisation considers fraud as one of the ten leading causes of inefficiency in health systems. The average amount of healthcare fraud is estimated to be 6.19% of the global healthcare expenditure for 2013 (or roughly 5.65€ trillion)[1]. Read More »

Luxembourgish Minister Schmit: “EU should give mutuals a boost”

Brussels, 15 October 2015 – Mutuals are a special kind of enterprise at the heart of the European social model. They are important contributors to economic growth and financial stability, but they lack legal recognition and are still facing constraints to benefit from the European internal market. Read More »

AIM defends Access to Healthcare Services for Refugees

19 June 2015- In Lisbon, the “Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM)” declared: “EU Member States must give refugees access to medically necessary primary and secondary healthcare in cases of acute and serious chronic diseases regardless of their status. Refugees must be able to see a doctor, to receive medical screenings and to get prescriptions […] Read More »

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